Anessa Chandrajit

Anessa Chandrajit is an educator who champions the transformative power of playful learning, endeavoring to craft deeply meaningful learning experiences for her students. Her dedication to education blossomed from the influence of her hardworking mother, who nurtured children as a devoted nanny. Anessa's early exposure to childcare while accompanying her mother to work ignited her passion for fostering learning and discovery in young minds.

Fueling her passion, Anessa pursued a BA in Psychology and Early Childhood Education at Hunter College, The School of Education. Her teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in a holistic approach that prioritizes not only academic achievements but also the diverse developmental and personal needs of each student. Embracing the ethos of teaching the "whole child," Anessa believes this approach is paramount in early education and fundamental to the future success of every student.

Central to her philosophy is the belief that creating a classroom environment where students feel comfortable and secure is the cornerstone of their success. Anessa passionately advocates for cultivating a safe space that nurtures the emotional well-being of students, understanding that a sense of security lays the groundwork for academic achievement and lifelong learning.


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