Queen Bonhomme

Queen Bonhomme stands as an inspirational educator, driven by an unwavering passion for teaching that has been nurtured since her early years. Her journey to becoming a skilled educator includes valuable experiences gained through student teaching in the New York City Department of Education, where she dedicated herself to guiding students through their learning and growth.

Her devotion to teaching ignited in her youth and continues to serve as the driving force behind her work. Ms. Bonhomme's primary aim as an educator is to serve as a representation and advocate for students within her community. She firmly upholds the belief that education acts as the key to unlocking one's boundless potential and endeavors to instill this empowering belief in every student under her guidance.

Committed to her students' well-being and success, Queen Bonhomme is dedicated to fostering a secure and supportive learning environment. Her unwavering commitment revolves around creating a safe space where students not only learn but also thrive and flourish, nurturing their intellectual and emotional growth.


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