Administrative Director

Tashiana Fisher, MS

Tashiana Fisher, a remarkable educator, commenced her journey with ECC in 2018, delivering exceptional early care and education pivotal for children's developmental growth. Her ardor for nurturing children sparked from a beloved childhood book, "The Babysitter's Club," where she discovered her knack for engaging with children and their vibrant personalities.

Presently, Ms. Fisher assumes an integral administrative role as the direct liaison for student life on campus. Her commitment lies in cultivating an environment of growth and excellence for the children she serves. While acknowledging the potential of every child to learn, she passionately emphasizes the reciprocal learning experience, believing she learns just as much from the children she teaches.

Drawing from a comprehensive background in Psychology and Childhood Development, Ms. Fisher leverages her expertise to comprehend, engage with, and support young learners during their formative years. Her foundational knowledge serves as a guiding light in her dedication to facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering the holistic development of each child.


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